Bahntechnik NRW e.V. – 25 years of innovation and cooperation in the railroad industry

This year marks the proud 25th anniversary of the founding of Bahntechnik NRW e. V..  For a quarter of a century, this association has played a role in the promotion and development of railroad technology in NRW.

With 14 member companies, Bahntechnik NRW e. V. is more than just an association – it is a dynamic network that covers a broad spectrum. This has proven to be a successful model in practice since 2008.

The association acts as a central hub for medium-sized companies that specialize in the development, production and sale of vehicle components, infrastructure and control technology as well as services for the railroad industry.

The overarching goal of Bahntechnik NRW e. V. is to strengthen and expand the railroad technology sector in North Rhine-Westphalia as a significant economic force.