The GEZ Rail Solutions GmbH

GEZ Rail Solutions GmbH is a medium-sized company in the railway industry. The company is based in Dinslaken/ North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). GEZ sees itself as a contemporary link in the history and tradition of Pintsch Bamag Antriebs- und Verkehrstechnik GmbH (energy supply, lighting and control systems), founded in 1843, and GEZ (Gesellschaft für elektrische Zugbeleuchtung) Frankfurt,
founded in 1905, today GEZ belongs to NWM and NBG.

GEZ Rail Solutions GmbH is a specialist for electrical vehicle equipment from from switches to vehicle control systems, from energy systems to entrance and door systems, to lighting systems in high-speed trains, is the core business of GEZ Rail Solutions. Equipment for trams, coaches, locomotives, metros and trains, for new and existing vehicles. We develop individual tailor-made solutions to customer-specific requirements.
We pursue holistic approaches, save resources, consider sustainability, in new vehicles, in detail modernisation, or in the full modernisation of rail vehicles, and thus make an important contribution to the mobility of today and for tomorrow!

We are looking for strong partners with whom we can develop and implement projects together and create added value for all involved parties.

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