GEZ congratulates the organizers of the 6th Conference on Railroad Technology in Schleswig-Holstein

Like almost all of the participants, GEZ Rail Solutions was delighted with the positive response and the intensive exchange on the future of rail technology in Schleswig-Holstein.

Claus Ruhe Madsen (Minister for Economic Affairs, Transport, Labor, Technology and Tourism) and Ulf Kämpfer (Lord Mayor of Kiel) welcomed almost 200 participants to the 6th Rail Conference on 07.02.2024 in Kiel. In addition to the high-class presentations, the conference offered an intensive exchange of information and further leading discussions. A very successful event in which GEZ Rail Solutions was pleased to participate and will be happy to return.

We are looking forward to next year.

GEZ Rail Solutions auf der 6. Messe Bahntechnik in Schleswig-Holstein

Rede von Claus Ruhe Madsen auf der 6. Konferenz Bahntechnik Schleswig-Holstein
Rede von Dr. Ulf Kämpfer auf der 6. Konferenz Bahntechnik Schleswig-Holstein